12 June 2020

PROLIGHTS products installed at the Vilnius International Airport

PROLIGHTS fixtures have recently been installed in the conference hall of the VIP terminal at the Vilnius International Airport, in Lithuania. This type of hall is the only one across the whole airport territory, therefore the variety of services and events planned to be held there is very wide.

“Our task was to arrange the lighting system to suit a formal event but also for it to accommodate an evening program” said Mindaugas Indrašius, Chief Technology Officer for Sonus Exsertus, the well trusted company who took charge of the project. “One of the main challenges was the installation itself. The ceiling of the hall is quite low, therefore it was important for the lighting equipment to be as unnoticeable as possible, as well as for it to be mobile. PROLIGHTS was the only provider that met the whole set of qualitative and quantitative requirements for the provided budget. One of the most significant criteria was PROLIGHTS product quality, which had already established a good reputation among lighting professionals in the Baltic market. Other important criteria were high power output in quite compact devices (particularly important in low ceiling installations), very accurate and high quality reproduction of colours, low equipment noise.

The PROLIGHTS products selected for this project were Diamond 19, StudioCob Plus TW, StudioCob Plus with 60° filter, ArenaCob 4FC, EclFresnel JrTW and EclProfile HDTWC with optical zoom 15°/30°. Projectors of the EclFresnel and Profile series were intended to light up official events with a white light beam. All other installed products are designed for entertainment shows.

We have positive experience in working with PROLIGHTS. The products are high quality and we didn't face any difficulty during the installation process. Accurate manuals from the manufacturer's side allow us to quickly make the necessary settings and perform programming work, always achieving the best results”.


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