18 June 2020

The Italian Senate lit up by PROLIGHTS

By decision of the President of the Italian Senate Elisabetta Casellati, from March 18th until the end of the medical emergency that affected our Nation, the facade of Palazzo Madama in Rome was lit up with the colours of the Italian flag.

Audio-Luci-Store, an on-line division of the company “Il Microfono” took care of the lighting set-up. Sabino Coppolecchia, owner of “Il Microfono” said: “At the end of 2019, Audio-Luci-Store received a request from the technical staff of the Italian Senate. Our task was to provide a lighting system for the imposing facade of Palazzo Madama, in order to illuminate the building on very special occasions, like the “International Day for the elimination of violence against women” or “Telethon”. Basic requirements were fast and simple installation, so that the unskilled internal staff of the Senate could be able to interact with the fixtures in complete autonomy, without need of technical support”.

According to the given directions and needs, Audio-Luci-Store in close cooperation with PROLIGHTS technicians found the most suitable fixtures: 12 PROLIGHTS ArcShine 12FC, linear wall washer positioned on the ground for a raking light illumination supported by two pedestals, and 16 PROLIGHTS StudioCob PlusFC with trusses, for a front illumination.

“When the pandemic came up, Palazzo Madama was already equipped with the appropriate fixtures to project the Italian flag colours on the facade of a building of such institutional relevance.

The Senate's technical staff expressed great satisfaction for the amazing efficiency of PROLIGHTS solutions, as well as for the ease of daily mounting and dismounting of the fixtures. As for me, the cooperation with PROLIGHTS and its team is always guarantee of success in each project. The products' design, together with their flexibility and the advanced technologies used to produce them commit that each finalised project exceeds client's expectations”.


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