10 November 2020

Lean-pro relies on Prolights: EclPanel TWC JR for own livestream studio


Lean-pro GmbH & Co. KG has invested in Prolights EclPanel TWCJr. With the new LED softlights, the Paderborn-based company has equipped its livestream studio for trade fairs, product presentations, workshops, lectures, concerts, general meetings and much more, thus further expanding its professional image, lighting and sound technology.

Joachim Flottmeier, Managing Director and Partner, explained why he chose Prolights products: "The decisive criteria for me were the excellent price-performance ratio and the enormous output in relation to the size of the device. Thus the EclPanel TWCJr makes the competition look old. It is also unrivalled in this price league in terms of the range of functions. In addition, the wide range of accessories such as diffusion filters, egg crates, snap grids etc. convinced me".

The Prolights EclPanel TWCJr offers not only a wide range of colors, but also perfect white tones from warm to cold color temperature range and that with very good color rendering values (CRI >90, TLCI >92).

Besides the control via DMX, the EclPanel TWCJr also allows fast and precise adjustment directly at the device. The three control knobs allow direct access to color temperature, +/- green and magenta shift and HSI. In addition, a mode is also available in which the device can be controlled segment by segment. Various pre-programmed and adjustable effects can be called up directly on the device or via DMX. Due to the internal power supply, the optional battery operation and the compact dimensions, the EclPanel TWCJr can be easily operated at any place.

Lightpower is the exclusive distributor for Prolights in Germany. 


(text writted by Lightpower)

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