12 March 2021

RAW and xy control for Prolights EclProfile CT+


Prolights EclProfile CT+ is now capable of being controlled in RAW mode and xy coordinates control. This update comes after the release of the new ellipsoidal in the autumn of 2020 and a successful kick-off in sales amid a global pandemic, and with many users giving great feedback about the profiles and comparing its features against other market-leading units.

Xy coordinates control allows users to pick a colour in the CIE 1931 chromaticity diagram right from their consoles, or to typing in the exact colour coordinate to match different sources. “This is an extremely useful feature for our customers in theatre or film lighting, where colour precision is important,” says Andrea Gabrielli, R&D Manager at Prolights. He continued: “We are working on implementing features that are inclusive to all segments of the industry. This is the first ellipsoidal to support these modes, and we couldn't be more excited by sharing this update.”

RAW mode gives users the possibility to control the 6 LED emitters directly through advanced colour management control platforms, ensuring full colour control to lighting designers.


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