18 May 2021

AVE Grow with Prolights EclPanel TWCJr


Audio Visual Events, an Australian AV supplier, pride themselves on offering the latest in equipment to present their client's information and goals in a stunning manner. So it was no surprise when the decision was made to purchase twelve PROLIGHTS EclPanel TWCJr, the LED soft light that is taking the industry by storm.

The Prolights EclPanel TWCJr provides a beautiful, wide source of soft and precise colours as well as a full range of white CCT, from daylight through to tungsten tones, reaching a superior light quality with high CRI, TLCI and TM-30.

Paul Keating, General Manager, says the EclPanels were initially purchased for their ON AIR state of the art semi-permanent studio but as restrictions in Australia have eased, the EclPanels have been venturing out more and more.

“When we go out to do filming or when we're doing smaller events where there's a Livestream element, they've been great,” he said. “Originally we ran moving head fixtures in our studio but we were keen to switch to a professional broadcast light solution in the studio as well as for hybrid work going forward. We looked at several products but for their price point, the EclPanels are amazing. Of course, hearing that Channel 9 invested a fortune in these fixtures, as well as a couple of other production houses that we know, helped seal the deal!”

Tom Cox, Senior Lighting Designer at AVE, was impressed by the brightness level for such a small, compact fixture as well as the low power consumption.

“Their beam angle is huge so you can use less of them to get a bigger effect,” he added. “I like the ease of the adjustable colour temperature as well, it's super-easy. Also, you don't need an external lighting console to use them as they work stand-alone, which is what we do most of the time.”

The EclPanel TWCJr offers easy rigging and cabling making it the perfect lighting tool for every location. Tom remarked that they tend to use the EclPanels either on a lighting stand or hanging from truss and that is simple to switch between the two.

AVE also purchased SnapBag softboxes to aid in softening the light when required as well as barndoors with four directional flaps to adjust the light beam. Tom notes these will be handy for their corporate work.

(written by Show Technology) 

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