02 December 2019


The PROLIGHTS MOSAICO family is a range of outdoor gobo and images projectors. Available in three sizes, for applications ranging from commercials to stadiums, MOSAICO is the most extensive range in the industry with the most advanced feature set available in the field.

MOSAICO XL: Designed for large scale outdoor projections, like stadiums and skyscrapers, it is an high power exterior projectors with endless effect possibilities. Built in a durable IP66 die-cast housing, the MOSAICO XL offers a phenomenal output of 17'000 lumens and an extensive set of features including CMY colour mixing system and motorized framing shutter system to precisely shape the projection area. The exceptional zoom ranges from 5° to 50° allowing this fixture to be installed at any distance making it versatile in both near-field and long-throw installations.

MOSAICO: Designed for city landscapes as buildings, monuments and also landscapes, it offers an outstanding 11K lumens output, ideal to replace the 1.200 HID fixture with a far more durable and advanced tool. The complete set of onboard effects allow for extreme creative integration in any context and the zoomable optics makes it a truly versatile fixture for both near-field and long-throw installations.

MOSAICO JR: Designed for accent outdoor lighting and commercials, it is the smallest member of the MOSAICO range, allowing an easy implementation anywhere due to its compact design without any impact on the surrounding environment or architecture. The onboard zoom ranges from 14° to 44° allowing for an extensive user-flexibility, from projecting crisp and accurate logos to textured projections.

The new PROLIGHTS MOSAICO are the perfect fixtures for those who wants to create stunning effects for outdoor environments of any sizes.


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