20 February 2020

140 PROLIGHTS EclMiniProfile enlighten Leonardo Da Vinci’s masterpieces


The "Leonardo Da Vinci National Museum of Science and Technology" in Milan has recently inaugurated the “Leonardo Da Vinci Galleries”, the largest permanent exhibition in the world, entirely dedicated to the Italian scientist and artist.

The 1300 sqm exhibition area accompaines visitors on a multimedial and interactive journey through the life and masterpieces of one of the most important artists of the Reneissance, who has deeply influenced Italian culture.

The lighting installation, which contributes to give value to Leonardo’s inventions and works of art, has been set up by Sater 4.0 using more than 140 PROLIGHTS EclMiniProfile.

Fabio Carolis, who works in the Logistics Department at Sater 4.0 said: “We chose EclMiniProfile because of their extremely interesting features in terms of light output, power and colour reproduction.
We mounted the fixtures on trusses using different optical solutions. In this way we’ve been able to create an impactful illumination in order to enhance paintings and artworks.
Deciding to use PROLIGHTS EclMiniProfile was a no brainer: the product’s high flexibility, together with PROLIGHTS team professionalism and reliability, have always been a guarantee of success in all our projects. PROLIGHTS solutions show an accurate technical processing as well as a modern and innovative design, allowing to be used in any kind of environment, always meeting customer’s needs and expectations”.


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