19 October 2023

PROLIGHTS Astra Family shines bright at Hamburger Börs

PROLIGHTS Astra Family brilliantly illuminated the unforgettable "A Show Larger than Life" performance at the iconic Hamburger Börs in Stockholm, delivering a breathtaking visual experience that left the audience utterly captivated.

This event, featuring an unmistakable Y2K atmosphere, celebrated the era of boy bands and music legends, both Swedish and international, and was elevated to even greater heights with the inclusion of PROLIGHTS projectors, generously provided by Gobo AB, the primary PROLIGHTS distributor in the region.
The visionary behind this remarkable lighting endeavor was lighting designer Jimmy Thorén, who skillfully harnessed the full potential of PROLIGHTS devices to transport the audience back to the turn of the millennium, evoking nostalgic sentiments from the '90s.

The impressive PROLIGHTS lighting setup featured a total of 36 moving heads, including the Astra Wash19Pix, Astra Hybrid330, and Astra Profile400, utterly transforming the legendary Hamburger Börs into a genuine visual spectacle, immersing both the artists and the audience in a mesmerizing kaleidoscope of colors and visual effects.

Jimmy Thorén, the lighting designer, enthusiastically expressed his satisfaction with the achieved result: "PROLIGHTS projectors are the ultimate dream for any lighting designer, offering unparalleled versatility, reliability, and precision, enabling us to craft the perfect ambiance for any event. For this show, the task was to recreate the '90s vibes, and PROLIGHTS projectors were the flawless solution to this creative challenge."


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