06 April 2021

Chameleon takes on even more PROLIGHTS PanoramaIP AirBeam


Australian weather can be unpredictable, from searing temperatures to dust storms and intense rain events. With so many outdoor events held every year in the country, production suppliers know they require sturdy, IP65-rated lighting fixtures that will perform flawlessly no matter what weather event is thrown at them.

Chameleon Touring Systems, Australia's premier lighting production company, has it all figured out relying on PROLIGHTS IP-rated gear. That strategy led them to purchase another 24 PanoramaIP AirBeam fixtures to add to the huge stock they already have in their inventory.

As well as being weatherproof, the PanoramaIP AirBeam is an incredibly powerful beam and searchlight, featuring CMY colour mixing and multiple prisms, the PanoramaIP AirBeam delivers big impressive beam looks.

“Our PanoramaIP AirBeams have been popular and this year they have been on several key events already,” commented Tony Davies, managing director of Chameleon. “Their massive output is very impressive and they deliver some great outdoor searchlight and big air looks.”

Designed to make a statement, the PanoramaIP AirBeam can truly make an event stand out or fill a large outdoor space with spectacular beams. Hence so far this year Chameleon has deployed them on Halo Townsville, Australia Day at Sydney's Circular Quay, Australian Ninja Warrior, The Royal Easter Show and Bluesfest.

“These are all high profile events and it's important to have a fixture that is reliable - especially when you're live to air!” added Tony. “Our crew love them because they're small and easy to rig …. and, of course, maintenance-free."

“It's also good to have Show Technology as the Australian distributor as we know they always have our backs. The service from them is impeccable.”

The Panorama IP Airbeam features a powerful 440W Osram HTI lamp combined with a 167mm HD front lens for a chunky, bright 2° beam. An extensive set of effects including linear CMY mixing, rotating gobo wheel, static gobo wheel, circular and linear prisms, linear frost and focus.

(written by Show Technology)

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