10 April 2022

Prismatic Group gets PROLIGHTS Dot Q


Prismatic Group purchased sixty (ten cases) of the IP-rated Prolights Dot Q ultra-compact, wireless, battery LED lights. 

Stacy Kempton, CEO of the group, said: “I purchased them about 18 months ago,” she explained. “We had a great sales rep from Show Technology (Gareth Mealing) take me through all the options for lighting fixtures to meet our scope and answered my long list of questions. Versatility is very high on the must-have list for all our purchases, as we work across theatre, music, corporates, other live events and were pushing more into outdoor art installations and architectural lighting as part of our pivot during Covid.”

Stacy says that they settled on Prolights because they trust the brand and a large percentage of their inventory is from them.

“The Dot Q are compact, lightweight, battery-operated, wireless DMX and have an IP rating so can handle some rain,” she added. “These were all the features we wanted in a fixture so that we could avoid cable runs in outdoor public spaces and didn't need to worry as much about the weather. The inbuilt magnet, large range of included accessories and the fact it all came in an easy to handle weatherproof case was a bonus. They are also very punchy with RGBW LEDs and if we find that we need a bit more power we just place them in groups."

During the sales pitch, Stacy notes that it was obvious they could be used to uplight walls, uplight trees and yet be used as part of an elegant table centrepiece. However, she found so many more uses for them.
“They have been held by people to uplight faces, attached to sheds for bush dances and gazebos for night market stalls, lit outdoor stages, used to create impromptu festoon lighting and internally lit opaque sculptures just to name a few,” she said. “The versatility has been well beyond what we expected. They are a great little set of lights that punch well above their weight.”

Dot QPack is a bundle composed of 6pcs of Dot Q, IR remote controller, accessories and charger for the whole set - all included in a sturdy ABS case.

(written by Show Technology)

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