04 June 2024

PROLIGHTS Introduces New PC Lenses for the EclFresnel CT+ M and S Series

PROLIGHTS is thrilled to unveil the new PC lenses for the EclFresnel CT+ series in sizes S and M, a significant addition that offers greater versatility for professional lighting applications.

With the dedicated retrofit kits, it is possible to easily convert EclFresnel CT+ S and M fixtures from Fresnel lens configurations to PC lens configurations. This upgrade provides an additional option for those who wish to use PC lenses in their EclFresnel CT+ setups, expanding the range of applications in various contexts, from theatrical productions to television studios, where a projection typical of luminaires equipped with this optical system is required.

The conversion kit also allows the use of accessories such as filter frames and barn doors, compatible with the EclFresnel CT+ series, offering even more versatility. This allows users to perfectly adapt the light output to specific project requirements, making the new PC lenses from PROLIGHTS a valuable option for professionals looking to optimize their lighting setup.


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