07 June 2024

PROLIGHTS products illuminate the TV Show "The Passion"


PROLIGHTS products illuminated the TV show "The Passion," broadcasted in the Netherlands and Germany, and produced by Media Water Production, KRO-NCRV, and RTL Deutschland. The lighting setup provided by Full AVL, PROLIGHTS distributor in the Neatherlands, and integrated by Light Image included PROLIGHTS' battery-powered Smart BatWash fixtures and EclFresnel CT+SIP projectors.

This project, which combined live broadcasts and pre-recorded footage, required a reliable and versatile lighting setup capable of delivering optimal performance even in adverse weather conditions.

Light Image team praised the PROLIGHTS solutions, stating: “During the three weeks of filming, the PROLIGHTS fixtures were essential for the smooth progression of our work despite challenging weather conditions. The Smart BatWash and EclFresnel CT+ SIP projectors operated flawlessly even under heavy rain, demonstrating unparalleled durability and reliability. The lighting setup allowed us to continue filming without interruptions, ensuring consistent and high-performance illumination.

The Smart BatWash fixtures were highly appreciated for their operational versatility, thanks to the wireless battery operation, which facilitated easy movement and programming. At the same time, the EclFresnel CT+ SIP, specifically designed for outdoor use, provided excellent light quality and precise, vivid color temperature adjustment, ensuring reliable performance even in the most demanding situations.


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