12 September 2022

PROLIGHTS launches IP-rated, linear soft-light


PROLIGHTS released the EclSoft LinearIP, an IP65-rated linear soft-light with all the colour features of the EclPanel TWC range, suitable for film, TV or touring productions. 

The EclSoft LinearIP has several colour control modes: RGBW, RGB, CMY, HSI, XY, RAW Direct, CCT linear and CCT presets with +/- green shift, source emulation and industry-standard colour gels. 

Each of its 15 pixels can be controlled individually through DMX/RDM, Ethernet protocols, Wireless DMX (CRMX and W-DMX), or the built-in cinema effects engine.

The 230W RGB + Warm White LED engine produces an incredible 13,000-lumen output, whilst keeping perfectly mixed colours and precise white tones, from tungsten to daylight, maintaining a high CRI, TLCI and TM-30 values.

This fixture is also Spektra™ calibrated, meeting the new colour calibration standard that PROLIGHTS recently unveiled, where units with marking match exactly in the same colour space. 

There are many accessories available for the EclSoft LinearIP fixture, including a range of optical filters and beam shaping accessories. The fixture has an onboard driver and power supply, making it incredibly easy to rig and run power and data cables. 


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