04 September 2023

Ultimo chooses Prolights for his summer stadium tour

Prolights solutions lit up the stadium tour of Ultimo, a young Roman singer-songwriter and leading artist on the Italian music scene.

The rental company Mister X Service made a strategic choice by relying on PROLIGHTS solutions, meticulously selecting 116 Astra Wash19PixIP units and 144 Sunblast 3000FC units to enhance the visual spectacle of the tour.

The Astra Wash19PixIPs have been strategically positioned along the edge of the stage and central corridor, giving the audience an unprecedented immersive experience. These remarkable light fixtures, known for their IP protection and outstanding performance, proved to be the ideal companion for Ultimo's dynamic traveling tour.

The lighting setup was able to enhance the touching performance of the young Roman singer-songwriter, creating an incredible synergy between his music and the dynamic lights of PROLIGHTS. The use of the Sunblast 3000FCs allowed for extraordinary lighting levels, further emphasizing Ultimo's charisma and energy on stage.

The Mister X Service team was satisfied to work with PROLIGHTS solutions, praising their performance and reliability. "The Astra Wash19PixIPs are lightweight, high-performance IP products, ideal for mobile installations like ours. The Sunblast 3000FCs offer incredible light levels, perfect for installations in large areas such as, in our case, stadiums. In a nutshell, the PROLIGHTS products were the perfect choice for Ultimo's stadium tour" , they stated.


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