22 May 2024

Arena Cob4FC lights up Christina Stürmer MTV Unplugged concert


PROLIGHTS Arena Cob4FC lit up Christina Stürmer's MTV Unplugged concert, an event celebrating the 20-year career of the Austrian pop-rock singer.

The live broadcast from the Volkstheater in Vienna was produced by Das Rund GmbH, set in an environment evoking the intimate atmosphere of a rehearsal room, creating a welcoming and relaxed ambiance. Under the artistic direction of Thomas W. Kiennast from Das Rund, Manfred Nikister designed a lighting setup that included 29 Arena Cob4FC units from PROLIGHTS, strategically positioned to maximize visual impact both on stage and in the surrounding scenery.

These LED blinders, supplied by PROLIGHTS distributor Lightpower, stood out for their ability to visually define the stage space and provide quality lighting—essential qualities for television filming. "When designing for an unplugged show, I prefer a reduced and abstract approach, where technology must remain invisible within the frame," explains Nikister. "The Arena Cob4FC, placed horizontally along the edge of the stage and on the sides, are perfect for creating a consistent and harmonious environment."

Nikister concludes, "The Arena Cob4FC is one of the few LED blinders on the market that combines an attractive design with exceptional chromatic performance and responsiveness. For events like MTV Unplugged, where the atmosphere should remind one of a cozy living room, these devices are the ideal choice, blending seamlessly into the set without visually overpowering, significantly enhancing the performance experience."


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