28 May 2024

EclDisplay lights up the East Slovak Gallery in Košice


EclDisplay DAT units have been included in the new lighting setup at the East Slovak Gallery in Košice, a cultural center and historical cornerstone of Slovak culture conservation and transmission since 1951. The gallery, which has undergone several expansions and renovations over its more than 70 years of operation, decided to update the exhibition's lighting setup, making the spaces more efficient and low consumption. This technological upgrade marks an important step towards innovation and sustainability, enhancing the visual experience for visitors and highlighting the exhibited artworks.

Showmedia, distributor of PROLIGHTS in Slovakia, was tasked with updating and installing a new lighting setup for all the gallery's exhibition areas. PROLIGHTS' EclDisplay DAT units, with a color temperature of 3000K, were chosen to create a modern, uniform, and welcoming exhibition environment, offering a soft and adjustable light thanks to wash and zoom optics, as well as spot optics for a more defined light beam, depending on the installation's needs. The flexibility of EclDisplay allows the lighting to be adapted to the specific needs of each exhibition, always ensuring the maximum enhancement of the artworks.

In addition to the EclDisplay units, Showmedia provided a complete range of accessories, including filters, louvres, and barn doors, which allow precise control over the direction and shape of the light. This enables the gallery's curators to customize the lighting for each exhibition, creating unique and evocative atmospheres that highlight the characteristics of each piece.

"Our goal was not only to improve the aesthetics of the lighting but also to ensure significant energy savings and low environmental impact," stated the Show Media team. "We are proud to have followed the Green Code and contributed to the gallery's mission to become a sustainable and inclusive institution, in line with contemporary needs."


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