01 August 2023

Prolights illuminates the show "Sky Above Elefsina" for Eleusis, European Capital of Culture 2023

Prolights illuminated the captivating cultural event Sky Above Elefsina held at the ship cemetery of the port of Fixia in Eleusis, Greece. This event marked the culmination of a series of events organised to celebrate Eleusis as the European Capital of Culture 2023.

Eleusis, a significant industrial centre in the mid-20th century, focused its entire programming on the city's cultural revival, envisioning 130 projects and 436 events spread across more than 30 locations, incorporating the remnants of ancient industrialization.

"Sky Above Elefsina" is an ambitious project that aimed to shed light on one of Eleusis' most debated sites from a social and environmental standpoint: the ship cemetery, known for the multitude of wrecks abandoned by shipowners over the years. The organisers requested a lighting installation capable of rejuvenating and transforming the naval cemetery wrecks while adhering to the technical specifications of an outdoor maritime landscape like the port of Fixia.

Kariotis Meletis Event Productions, provided a comprehensive Prolights lighting system for the event, which included:

12 EclCyclorama 100 linear fixtures

20 EclProfile CT+IP LED ellipsoidal lights for outdoor use

6 F EclFresnel TW 6-colour LED projectors

16 ArcPod 27Q compact outdoor floodlight

Thanks to the collaboration with lighting operator Ioannis Bairamidis, the installation and programming of the system were executed flawlessly, creating a mesmerising experience for the attending audience.
The immersive illumination of the abandoned wrecks, with the enchanting music performed by the ensemble, transformed the ship cemetery into an imaginative realm, provoking profound contemplation on Eleusis' cultural evolution throughout the centuries and its future trajectory.

"Working on this event has been an honour," said Bairamidis. "Prolights products were the perfect choice to illuminate these shipwrecks. The high efficiency and emission power, the possibility of adjusting the colour, but above all, the outdoor protection characteristics, allowed me to easily create an immersive lighting setup."


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