23 December 2022

ArcPod fixtures illuminate Navantia Ferrol's shipyard

As Christmas approaches, the Navantia shipyard in Ferrol, Spain, has used PROLIGHTS' ArcPod fixtures to illuminate their cranes.

The public company has done lighting tests on one of the machines, which went from having the usual grey tone to varying shades, including blue, green, red and purple. The installation features 20 PROLIGHTS ArcPod 27Q and 7 ArcPod 15Q.

In recent years, Navantia had already chosen to place Christmas lights in its Ferrol factory, although more straightforward and far from this year's display, which has triggered comments from the city's residents who were able to see the splendour of the changes of colours on the crane. Navantia is very aware of the environment and for this reason for this project, they have chosen LED luminaires with extremely low energy consumption.

There will be three lighting shows every day of the year and on special days such as Christmas Eve, New Year, Three Kings Night, Galicia Day, Saint Patrick's Day, Women's Day, etc. The system will be connected to a control centre where music and other cranes will be synchronized. 

The ArcPod series are compact, high-power exterior wash lights with a punchy output. The fixtures have 10W RGBW LEDs (twenty-seven on the 27Q and fifteen on the 15Q version) and a wide range of optics that shape the beam's angle to cover broad surface areas.


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