04 August 2023

PROLIGHTS illuminates the arcades of the Sanctuary of San Luca in Bologna


Prolights Sunblast 3000FC transformed the arcades of Bologna, a worldwide symbol of the city and UNESCO heritage site, into a magnificent light show. The project, conceived and promoted by singer Cesare Cremonini, involved illuminating 2 kilometers of arcades, from Piazza Santo Stefano to the Basilica of Madonna di San Luca, during the Bologna Portici Festival.

"The arcades are the true and unique stage of everyday life for us Bolognese, and I wanted to pay tribute to Bologna with a tailor-made lighting project for the portico of San Luca, a symbol of worship but also an emotional connection for all of us citizens" stated Cremonini

The technical manager Antonio Onorato in collaboration with the agency Giò Forma, projected an unprecedented lighting design: a 30-minute loop of lights, perfectly synchronized with Cesare Cremonini's songs, transformed the arcades into a unique and emotionally charged light experience.

For the realization, the team used 100 Prolights Sunblast 3000FC, powerful LED strobe blinders and floods with an impressive IP65 protection, perfectly suited for a project of such scale and complexity.

"Among the products used, I have a special regard for Prolights Sunblast 3000FC," said Antonio Onorato. "Thanks to their power and IP65 protection, we created an unparalleled light spectacle in the arcades of Bologna. The versatility as strobe and graphic blinder, combined with the RGBW color rendering, resulted in a perfect synergy with Cesare Cremonini's songs. We exceeded all expectations, offering the audience an unforgettable experience."


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