10 October 2023

PROLIGHTS fixtures shine Bright at Salz21: The Home of Innovation

Salz21, the premier trade fair for startups and new technologies, was illuminated by the dynamic lighting setup designed by Revolution Rental, featuring an innovative LED array of PROLIGHTS fixtures. This vibrant collaboration not only heightened the ambiance but also amplified the visual appeal of this influential gathering.

The main stage, a dazzling showcase of innovation, shone brilliantly with 22 Astra Wash7Pix and 4 Astra Wash19Pix fixtures. These state-of-the-art PROLIGHTS lighting solutions bathed presenters and performers in radiant illumination, crafting a dynamic and immersive environment.
For an equally significant yet more intimate side stage, Revolution Rental harnessed the power of 18 Prolights EclExpo Flood300VW fixtures, delivering precise lighting control that added depth and focus to smaller sessions and presentations.

Complementing the two stages, PROLIGHTS fixtures also played a crucial role in the overall lighting design, with 58 Solar 27Q and 16 Solar 48Q fixtures providing ambient lighting throughout the exhibition hall. Their impeccable quality not only invited attendees into the space but also ensured functionality at its finest.

Revolution Rental, renowned for its unwavering commitment to excellence, found PROLIGHTS' fixtures to be indispensable in shaping an extraordinary event experience. The team at Revolution Rental shared their sentiments, stating: "The PROLIGHTS fixtures brought every corner of the event to life. The innovation and reliability of these lighting solutions played an exceptional role in enhancing the overall atmosphere of the event, seamlessly aligning with Salz21's vision of innovation and modernity."


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