26 January 2024

Gotcha AV+ Group illuminates the Holidays with PROLIGHTS' Mosaico range

Gotcha AV+ has chosen the PROLIGHTS Mosaico range for their holiday season installations in 2023, bringing a magical touch to festive celebrations.

For the Hotel Van der Valk Gilze in Tilburg, the Gotcha AV+ Group selected the Mosaico series to light up the hotel's rooftop. They chose the Mosaico projector for its high light output and capacity to hold multiple gobos, creating an enchanting slideshow effect. This dynamic projection not only prominently displays the hotel's iconic Toucan but also spreads festive cheer with its vibrant illumination.

Additionally, the Mosaico range was utilized for the DongenIce winter festival. Gotcha AV+ Group outfitted DongenIce 2023/2024 with four Mosaico FX100 projectors, each fitted with a 70-degree lens, creating a magical ambiance by projecting images of curling houses onto the ice.

These DMX-controlled projectors, designed for uninterrupted operation, prevent condensation, ensuring the longevity of the fixtures. This enhancement to DongenIce, featuring an expanded ice rink, a spacious winter living room, and a new winter garden, significantly elevated the festival's atmosphere, delighting visitors of all ages.

These installations by Gotcha AV+ Group using PROLIGHTS' Mosaico projectors exemplify the transformative power of Mosaico range projections in creating extraordinary festive experiences. 


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