31 January 2024

PROLIGHTS DisplayCob FC illuminate the “Dying in Beauty” exhibition


PROLIGHTS DisplayCob TRWDFC illuminated the "Dying in Beauty" exhibition at the Drents Museum Assen, in an innovative collaboration with the National Archaeological Museum of Naples and the National Archaeological Park of Herculaneum.
The exhibition was illuminated with PROLIGHTS DisplayCob TRWDFC to tell the story of Pompeii's life before its destruction, showing how art and technology can merge to create a powerful visual narrative.

The NorthenLight agency took care of the artistic design, relying on Lichpunt for the lighting setup and 50Lux for the lighting design. Light was used as a narrative tool to differentiate life (white light) from death (red light representing lava). Lighting designer Frank Hulsebosch of 50Lux used 12 PROLIGHTS  DisplayCob TRWDFC to achieve colourful, intense lighting effects, demonstrating the versatility of PROLIGHTS products in a complex exhibition context.
The Luchpunt team expressed great satisfaction with the performance of the DisplayCob TRWDFC, praising the quality of the light output in particular, stating: “The quality of the white light is excellent! The DisplayCob TRWDFC maintain the intensity of the light output even during the color change".

This lighting setup contributed to the exhibition winning the German Design Award 2024 in the Excellent Architecture category. The jury praised the use of lighting and colour, which allowed ancient artefacts to appear in a new light, revolutionizing traditional perceptions and captivating visitors with an exhibition that combines beauty and lightness.


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