29 February 2024

PROLIGHTS' EclDisplay lights illuminate the Abrahamic Family House


The PROLIGHTS EclDisplay DAT fixtures have illuminated the Abrahamic Family House in Abu Dhabi, UAE, a project that represents a fusion of technology and architectural design with significant cultural importance. This initiative marks the first time that the three Abrahamic religions - Islam, Catholicism, and Judaism - coexist within the same space. In such a meaningful context, adopting an advanced lighting solution was imperative.

The collaboration between PROLAB, the distributor of PROLIGHTS in GCC and MENA regions, and the installation carried out by Triangle Power Solutions led to the installation of 100 LED EclDisplay DAT projectors. These fixtures created the perfect atmosphere within the exhibition area, making light a fundamental element in the project's narrative. This lighting highlights the importance of unity and diversity through the medium of light.

The EclDisplay DAT series projectors are known for their ease of installation, thanks to their Remote Device Management (RDM) capabilities that simplify configuration and addressing, thereby improving overall operational efficiency. These projectors offer unmatched versatility, catering to the specific needs of various lighting contexts.

Thanks to its innovative design and technical efficiency, the EclDisplay DAT series contributed to creating an immersive experience, reinforcing the thematic essence of unity and diversity intrinsic to the Abrahamic Family House. The ability to exceptionally complement the architecture of the Abrahamic Family House and enhance the visitors' experience demonstrates the invaluable contribution of a tailored lighting strategy to projects of such significant cultural and historical importance.


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