23 February 2024

DisplayCob light up After Laughter Comes Tears exhibition


PROLIGHTS' DisplayCob FC illuminated "After Laughter Comes Tears," a performative exhibition held at the MUDAM, Luxembourg's leading contemporary museum. The exhibition showcased the diverse works of 34 artists, employing a variety of media to create an immersive and dynamic visitor experience.

Designed to mimic a theatrical performance, the exhibition's unique approach involved dynamically changing video artworks and lighting scenes every hour, thereby transforming the scenography into a performance in its own right. To achieve this vision, lighting designer Mike Evers selected PROLIGHTS' DisplayCob FC, supplied by Lichtpunt, to light the exhibition.

A total of 26 units were strategically positioned on a track lighting rail, providing top wash lighting that seamlessly traversed the entire exhibition space, smoothly altering intensity and color to complement the evolving artworks.

The DisplayCob's superior performance and flexibility were instrumental in realizing the exhibition's concept, allowing for a cohesive and engaging presentation that captivated visitors. 


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