04 March 2024

PROLIGHTS introduces the ArcSpot series: Setting New Standards in Outdoor Lighting Solutions

PROLIGHTS is thrilled to unveil its latest innovation in outdoor lighting: the ArcSpot Series. This collection of IP66-rated dynamic luminaires is designed to revolutionize the industry, offering unparalleled versatility and durability for permanent outdoor installations.

The ArcSpot Series stands out with its comprehensive range, featuring six distinct sizes, each available in two LED variants:

Full Color RGB+WarmWhite for full spectrum color reproduction and  Variable White for adjustable white CCTs.

At the heart of the ArcSpot series' is its exceptional range and selection of optical combination and accessories. Each model in the series offers multiple selection of light collimator with beam spreads from narrow to wide which can be combined with several optical filters, both symmetrical and asymmetrical. This allows for precise tailoring of lighting effects to suit any project requirement. Additionally, the series includes optical modifiers like Half Snoots and Louvres for enhanced glare control and aesthetic refinement.

Durability is the core feature of the ArcSpot Series. Each fixture boasts a passively cooled design and a dual chamber construction, ensuring longevity and ease of maintenance. The fixtures are further enhanced with a C5M marine-grade treatment, making them ideally suited for challenging outdoor environments, including salty and coastal areas.

Installation simplicity is another hallmark of the ArcSpot Series. The integrated power and control systems, along with RDM and DMX support, facilitate effortless setup and dynamic lighting control. This ease of installation is further supported by comprehensive online documentation and inclusion in the Dialux library, ensuring efficient project completion.

With the launch of the ArcSpot Series, PROLIGHTS sets a new standard in outdoor lighting. Its combination of flexibility, robustness, and easy installation makes it a must-have for any project demanding high-quality, durable, and dynamic lighting solutions.


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