03 April 2024

PROLIGHTS Introduces High-Definition Optics for Enhanced Projection Quality

PROLIGHTS announces the launch of the High Definition Optics for the Ecl Display series. Engineered to redefine projection quality, these optics deliver unparalleled precision, stark contrast, and distortion-free imaging.

The HD optics range comprises fixed-angle lenses, available in three variants tailored to specific projection needs: 18° for narrow projections, 36° for medium projections, and 50° for wide projections. Complementing these fixed-angle lenses is the inclusion of a zoom 20°-40° option within the Ecl Display series, further broadening the scope of possibilities for professionals. Each lens undergoes meticulous engineering to ensure exceptional performance, guaranteeing unmatched clarity and precision in every application.

A standout feature of the High Definition Optics is its capacity to elevate Gobo projections and framing using onboard blades, granting designers and technicians unparalleled control over their lighting setups.

Perfectly suited for a diverse array of applications, including signage, advertising, events, and beyond, the Ecl Display series' HD optics empower professionals to craft projections with unprecedented clarity and precision.


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