20 December 2019

RTL 102.5 Power Hits 2019 on fire with 312 SUNBLASTFC


On September the 9th, the beautiful venue of the Verona Arena hosted the RTL 102.5 Power Hits award 2019 edition, the first radio show taking on stage all the most heeded summer hits performed by the greatest Italian artists.

Francesco De Cave, lighting designer involved in this huge show for the past 4 years, designed a set-up that made the venue even more stunning.

“When planning my work, I always listen carefully to the client’s needs” said Francesco. “I take into account the location and the artists that will perform on stage, giving priority to the way the images will be captured on camera.
For this very awaited live show the set-up had to be impactful, so I decided to use 312 PROLIGHTS SUNBLAST FullColor, powerful strobe LED projectors placed behind the stage as a scenography and controlled from the WHOLEHOG HIGH END SYSTEMS console. Choosing these fixtures was a no-brainer for me, beacause they provide an amazing output and a wide projection angle over a huge area. Essential features for these products, as they’re designed to be installed in wide outdoor venues, like stadiums or, in this case, the Verona Arena.

We have worked so much on this project, thinking about different set-up. But designing this virtual LED screen with 312 SUNBLASTFC turned out to be winning. The clients wanted the stage design to be an integral component of the show and the Arena to be enlightened in all its magnificence. Thanks to PROLIGHTS their request has been fully met.

What I appreciate the most when I make use of PROLIGHTS solutions is the way they’re conceived: the fixtures are easy-to-use and extremely lightweight, perfect to be fitted in big live shows like this. With PROLIGHTS products there’s no limit to a lighting designer’s creativity, that’s why I’m always happy to rely on this brand”.

The venue has been equipped by Rooster service srl for the second year running. Emilio Lombardi, the owner, said: “Our goal was to enlighten the Arena and, to make it possible, the installation designed by Francesco making use of 312 PROLIGHTS SUNBLASTFC has played a key role. We also used SUNRISE4 blinders mounted on the top of the bleachers. Francesco’s choice has been just right: PROLIGHTS products guarantee high performances in any kind of event. We believe so much in this brand and we’re so grateful to Music & Lights, the company that has always supported it, and to all the PROLIGHTS staff for their continuous assistance”.


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