06 October 2020

Bedoes ignites the audience lit up by PROLIGHTS

Bedoes is one of the most popular rappers in Poland and definitely the most successful artist of newschool, who boasts many important collaborations with popular Polish singers.

On September 18th, 2020, he held an open-air gig in Warsaw, the last one part of the tour called “Opowieści z doliny smoków” (“Tales from the land of dragons”).

“The tour started in January 2020, but due to the Covid-19 pandemic we were forced to postpone the last two shows until the end of summer” said Szymon Płotkowski, lighting designer who oversaw the project.

“While designing a lighting plot for this tour, I wanted to reflect the dirty atmosphere of the album (medieval, fantasy references) without renouncing to some glamour when needed. That's why I used PROLIGHTS SunBlasts 3000FC in the “basic” plot. These fixtures gave me opportunity to have “dirty” wash sidelight, fancy pixel effects and powerful strobes. A huge range of amazing effects all from one fixture. Super useful in smaller venues.

During the tour we didn't use frontlights at all. The idea was to use only footlights and this time I decided to make use of brand new PROLIGHTS EclCyclorama 100. With these products I was not only able to recreate warm tungsten-like light, but also to change slightly feeling of the show by using colours instead of white footlight.

These projectors provide an amazing brightness and beautiful colours, and thanks to their wide range of effects there's no limit to a lighting designer's imagination. That's why I can easily imagine further uses of PROLIGHTS fixtures in my future projects”.

Ph: Oskar Kutryb - CutRB

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