07 December 2022

French museum displays PROLIGHTS EclMiniProfile


The former 2,500-year-old fortress of Ensérune in France reopened its doors to the public in early July 2022 after two years of major renovation work. This former Gallic oppidum transformed into a museum once again presents its rich archaeological collections to the public in a completely redesigned scenography and lighting.

The scenographer Marion Lyonnais (FAKESTORYBIRD), imagined an immersive journey as one would stage a show. The discovery of the collections is not linear, the new route unfolds like a story. 

Lighting designer Jean-Noël Cordonnier from Lights and Design chose the PROLIGHTS EclMiniProfile LED spotlights with 19, 26, 36 and 50° lenses to light up the objects. “The lighting is an active part of the scenography: the combination of several colour temperatures, or the choice not to illuminate the whole object,” said Jean-Noël, adding: “The EclMiniProfile was the perfect fit for us thanks to its 28W Cree LED, the choice of two-colour temperatures and the wide variety of lenses and accessories.”


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