23 January 2023

PROLIGHTS released new pendant light


PROLIGHTS debuted the EclPendant series, a range of beautifully designed house lights packed with high-performing technology that makes any venue well-lit whilst staying eco-friendly.

The EclPendant comes in a range of 200-Watt or 100-Watt LED sources, in RGB + Warm White, 3,000K, 4,000K or 5,600K variants. Despite their passive-cooling system, they all have a high-quality light output, consistent colour temperature and unmatched durability. The series feature PROLIGHTS' Spektra™ calibration technology, a colour calibration standard set by the manufacturer.

The EclPendant was made for several uses - its mounting options include pendant, surface, stem, wall mount, adjustable bracket, and recessed. It's also possible to wire the EclPendant series directly to mains (100-240AC or 48DC) and DMX or feed power and data using the TrueOne and DMX connections.

The fixture has a wide range of optics and accessories available, with an uncompromising approach to flexibility and precision. All the optics are easily changeable on-site, providing a hassle-free user experience.


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