06 November 2020

St. Catherine's British School gets Prolights fixtures

St. Catherine's British School in Athens, Greece, took delivery of Prolights fixtures as part of the audiovisual installation of the new building of the school. The scope of the project highlighted the importance of selecting equipment that was easy to use by students and staff, along with being cost-effective to run and maintain. 

Consultant and lighting designer Mr Vagelis Delivasilis evaluated the LED range from PROLIGHTS, as well as other brands, and found PROLIGHTS to be an excellent solution for the project. Kariotis Audio & Lighting, Prolights' distributor in Greece, in collaboration with the consultant, came up with a comprehensive lighting package that could be flexible, allowing the school to run medium-scale theatrical performances, music events, conferences and orchestral plays.

Mr Delivasilis made and plotting diagrams with the chosen fixtures, while Kariotis Bros' team made the procurement, installation, commissioning and training: “We were pleased that Mr. Delivasilis evaluated our proposal and got involved with the construction of the theatre space right from the start - this helped tailoring the best solutions according to the specification”, said Pandelis Kariotis, General Manager for Kariotis. He added: “Prolights was a great addition to the theatre, since the units are highly versatile, easy to use and extremely reliable”.

The list of equipment procured includes Prolights fixtures such as Pixie ZoomXB, EclFresnel TW, Lumipix 16H, EclProfile HD2 and Aria 700Profile.

“We found the equipment very intuitive, and since there will be a variety of performances at this space, Prolights was the right choice since they offer a vast product portfolio, and incredible training materials to get the local team up and running”, commented Pandelis, also adding: “We look forward to seeing the student's performances coming to life.”


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